Activity# 2

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4 pages using 1-inch margins, double-spacing, and a 12-point font, and APA formatting. Paper must include a cover and a reference page. You should properly cite any material sourced from research.

CASE STUDY 1 details: Case 1 – Dialysis Center Cost Allocation Concepts.pdf

Answer each case study question fully and thoughtfully. The quality of your submission and demonstration of knowledge takes precedence over quantity/length of your work product. Work products of five to ten pages are typical for high-quality analysis; yours may differ.

The key thing is to justify your analysis, assumptions and decisions and conclusions made, so it is clear how you developed your answers and why. Even if you do not answer the case study precisely the same way as the author, you can still receive some or all credit if your different assumptions and other thinking and analysis are clearly described.

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