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Selected account balances for Hulse Company at January 1, 2014, are presented below.

Accounts Payable  $14,368

Accounts Receivable 22,026

Cash  16,703

Inventory  13,907

Hulse’s sales journal for January shows a total of $110,085 in the selling price column, and its one-column purchases journal for January shows a total of $77,656.

The column totals in Hulse’s cash receipts journal are: Cash Dr. $61,658; Sales Discounts Dr. $1,018; Accounts Receivable Cr. $44,215; Sales Revenue Cr. $5,078; and Other Accounts Cr. $13,383.

The column totals in Hulse’s cash payments journal for January are: Cash Cr. $54,977; Inventory Cr. $2,612; Accounts Payable Dr. $45,081; and Other Accounts Dr. $12,508. Hulse’s total cost of goods sold for January is $62,055.

Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash, Inventory, and Sales Revenue are not involved in the “Other Accounts” column in either the cash receipts or cash payments journal, and are not involved in any general journal entries.

Compute the January 31 balance for Hulse in the following account.

(e) Sales Revenue $

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