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Prepare a statement of cash flows for 2011 using the
indirect method

13-9  Muldur
corporation’s comparative balance sheets are presented below.


  Comparative Balance Sheet

 December 3

2011    2010

Cash  $  15,200    $  17,700 

 Accounts receivable      25,200    22,300 

Investments    20,000    16,000

Equipment    60,000    70,000 

 Accumulated depression    (14,000)  (10,000) 

  Total  $  106,400 $116,000

2011                   2010

Accounts payable    $  14,600      $ 

Bonds payable            10,000    30,000

Common stock            50,000    45,000 

Retained earnings       31,800    29,900

106,400  $  116,000


Additional Information:

Net income was $18,300. Dividends declared and
paid were $16,400.

Equipment which cost $10,000 and had accumulated
depreciation of $1,200 was sold for $3,300.

All other changed in noncurrent account balances
had a direct effect of cash flows, except the change in accumulated

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