a previously unrecognized historic resource in Kansas City and document the history

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-prepare a draft National Register nomination for a Kansas City historic resource that has previously not been listed on any national, state, or local register and provide recommendations for the future use of the property.

-You will then research and prepare documentation modeled on the National Register nomination requirements, as described below.

Paper Requirements

  • Name of property
  • Location (address)
  • Ownership of the property (public or private) and identify who owns it
  • Identify what kind of property it is (building, site, or structure)
  • Identify historic and current functions of the property
  • Describe the property, including materials used (do your best architecturaldescription)
  • Statement of significance – identify the National Register criteria that apply andwrite a narrative that describes the significance and integrity of the property, placing it in proper context, including period of significance and any association with significance people or events (if applicable)
  • Recommendations – describe the current condition of the property and identify any threats and opportunities for the property as well as treatments (preservation, restoration, rehabilitation), or other ideas you have for maintaining the resource
  • Bibliography of all sources cited and consulted and citations throughout the document(footnotes or parenthetical documentation)
  • Supporting visuals – at least two maps (one of which must be historic) and at least two photographs (one of which is preferably historic) – these are minimums, the more illustrations the better!

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