a one to two page critique of a law enforcement or criminal justice profession

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Writing Assignment – A one-to-two page critique of a law enforcement or criminal justice profession. The critique should include the role and responsibilities of the profession, the minimum requirements to enter the profession and identifying other role-players the profession interacts with. *If you are planning to enter a law enforcement career, this is an opportunity to review the requirements to obtain your dream job.

For Submission of the assignment: Please turn in the paper through the gradebook. Within your gradebook, you will see a column for the writing assignment. You can click on the box that would hold the grade in order to add comments. Please attach the paper (as a doc, docx, or pdf file) to the comments.

Required Components







Identify a Career

Does not Identify


Clearly identifies a career

Identify the occupational requirements

Does not Identify

Identifies some requirements

Clearly identifies requirements

Identify potential location of employment (agency, size of agency, geographic location)

Does not identify a location


Identified a location

Student identifies how they meet or will meet the occupational requirements

Does not Identify

Is not clear about meeting the occupational requirements

Clearly identified

Grammar, typos, sentence structure

Major grammatical errors*

Minor errors

No errors


(Maximum: 5 points)

*Major grammatical errors may impact the other aspects of the rubric, if the errors are so influential that they impact the ability of the reader to understand the other aspects.

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