500 word summary paper

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Consider this situation. You were recently grocery shopping at a large grocery store and noticed several people standing in one place, watching other people shop. These people you noticed were observing other shoppers, with the intent of researching their comparative purchasing habits as well as their product preferences. The grocery shoppers did not know they were being observed for research purposes.

Several days later you learned that the results of these observations were included in a social media campaign produced by this grocery store – again, without the knowledge of the grocery shoppers.

After reviewing this situation, write a summary paper which addresses the following questions:

  • Is it ethical to observe shoppers in this context for marketing research, without the shoppers’ knowledge that they are being observed?
  • Is it ethical to use research and information obtained in this fashion for use in social media marketing, without the shoppers’ knowledge?

Posting Requirements:

  • Your first paper should be at least 500 words in length.

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