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The essay is due in week seven. Remember that
late work is not accepted. Topics must be approved in advance and the request
and approval documents included in the essay material submitted with the essay.
Remember, the format is Microsoft Word, five double-spaced pages not
counting the cover page and reference list.
Issues concerning formatting
the core assessment essay that includes in-text citations and references in
accordance with APA standards can be found among the materials provided at
Library Resources. For example using “works cited” is not APA style and should
not be reflected in any aspect of this course, including the final essay.

There must be five (5) pages of content and
minimum of five (5) sources not including the course text which then makes it
six (6). Some sources that are not appropriate are Wikipedia, the popular
literature (newspapers, magazines). There are numerous appropriate sources such
as the FBI, International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), Department of
Justice has many different acceptable sources. For those who may need some
criminal justice data or statistics the following site may be of
assistance: https://www.bjs.gov/

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