4 Responses 120 word each

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As you consider your responses for this week, aside from your own material, you may want to review the information regarding needle exchange programs and the opioid epidemic that is posted in the infectious disease content folder. Remember to be aware of spelling and grammar. Note you must complete all five posts but I have redistributed the expected word counts to mange the load. Your responses to one another’s post (the ones due on Wednesday) should be on 2, 3, 4 or 5. Your responses to one another’s post this week should be around 100 words or more.

  1. A simple yes or no answer will suffice. I asked about the usefulness of online platforms, but I forget to directly ask if you would prefer to have more Teams sessions intermittently. I cannot guarantee any changes but will take your opinions into consideration.
  2. Post your initial response to funding needle exchange programs and why you had that viewpoint (at least 20 words).
  3. After looking at the research, where do you stand and why? Be sure to include a link/citation to the source(s) you used to help determine your viewpoint. (100 word minimum)
  4. Discuss some of the stigmas and barriers drug users (intravenous, pills, or other methods) may experience when seeking treatment. (75 words)
  5. You are exposed to topics in this course that others in your social circle (no matter how distant they are right now) may not be. Through several discussions in this course you have gained a better understanding of how and where your own ideologies are formed. Select at least one individual (through texts, phone calls, family members/roommates if they are available) and have a conversation with them about drug users and needle exchange programs. How do they feel about these topics and what is their perception of/attitudes towards addicts? Reflect on the process of having a conversation with someone outside of this course and what that experience was like (200 word minimum)

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