4 pages writing (choose option2) (due tonight)

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Option 2: ‘You be the Judge’

From Gamble and Gamble (2006): Imagine the following situation: You have a campus job
working nights from 6:00pm to midnight in the campus computer lab. It is late and you are
alone. You feel particularly uncomfortable because there has been an increase in campus crime
and students have been warned to travel in pairs. You are relieved when 12:00am comes and you
can leave for home. As you close and begin to lock the door to the computer lab, you hear
someone yell, “Wait! Don’t lock the door!” A person runs down the hall towards you and pleads
with you to let them into the computer lab so that they can complete a class project that is due the
next day. In the haste to get to the lab the person tells you that they forgot their id. You do not
recognize the student. Do you trust what they are telling you? Do you let them in and why?
How would the decision you make change if the student was female or male? Had a baby face?
Was elderly? Was African American, White, Asian or Arab? Poorly dressed? Well dressed? Was
wearing a lab coat? Had tattoos? Had body piercings?

Share your reflections while focusing on the concepts of stereotypes and the symbolic meaning
of communication.

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