4 Pages long essay about a love song

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For this essay, you will conduct a critical analysis of the implied or underlying message of a love song. Your job as an analytical critic is to find out what message about the love song is communicating to its audience. What assumption, belief, argument, criticism, or lesson about love is being delivered?

Your thesis should make a declaration regarding the intended message of the chosen song-what idea about love does the message perpetuate? the message you find should reflect what the song wants the listener to feel and believe about love. How does the song communicate this particular message and why? Don’t forget about explaining the significance of your analysis; why should a reader care about a deeper reading of a love song. Is the song’s message  helpful? is it harmful? is it educational? is it cathartic. 

As a friendly reminder, don’t get caught up in what happens in the song- what literally happens in the song or the story that the song presents is less important for discussion than your explanation of how the song represents an idea about love and why. your analysis should apply put side of the song by exposing a larger critical assumption that the song makes about love and why. 

The Song: Lana del rey- young and beautiful 


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