3 Topics. One essay for each topic. 250 words minimum for each essay

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One essay with minimum of 250 words for each of these topics

  • Choosing only one of these instruments – saxophone, or trumpet, or piano – identify four important performers that played that instrument, the jazz style they’re associated with, and two stylistic features or innovations that made them influential.
  • For each of the following cities – New York, Chicago, Kansas City, and Los Angeles – identify a jazz style & musician associated with that city, and two musical characteristics of each of those styles. You cannot use the same jazz style twice.
  • Identify the title of the 1969 recording that launched fusion into the popular mainstream, and discuss two of the innovations associated with it. Then, identify two innovators of fusion (but not Miles) that were active in the 1970s, and explain how their approach to fusion was unique.

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