2 page article like you are a reporter

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To prepare for this Application:

  • Choose and review one of the following communication scenarios:
  • In
    the scenario you chose to review, consider the types of communication
    that all the people involved are displaying. How are they reacting to
    verbal and nonverbal cues?
  • Reflect
    on why they communicated in that manner. Was it easier to convey the
    message nonverbally rather than verbally? What factors contribute to the
    choice of methods for interpersonal communication? How was emotion
    conveyed by each of the participants?

The assignment:

  • Imagine
    that you are a newspaper reporter for your local paper. Write a 2-page article about the communication scenario you chose. In
    order to fully explain the nature and function of the verbal and
    nonverbal behavior you observe, include the following information:
    • Who was involved?
    • What happened?
    • Where did the communication happen and at what time of day?
    • What
      interpersonal communication did you observe (emotional, verbal, and
    • Were all of the people involved successful at conveying their message to the other party? Why or why not?

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