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Introduction :1 page :

identify or infer the organization’s current mission, major business objectives, and strategies. Evaluate the effectiveness or appropriateness of these strategies and how well or poorly the organization has performed in meeting those objectives.

Major Strategic Issue ½ page:

Based on your analysis, what is the one most important issue facing thecompany?

Recommended Strategies (2 recommendations) 1 page:

Make the case for an alternative strategy that you think holds promise for the company’s future success.

Be sure to identify the strategy the company is currently using and which you think it should be using.

Be sure to formulate a BHAG which envisions the firm’s long-term future and several long, intermediate and short-term strategies which align with the attainment of that BHAG.

Remember, you must identify a strategy that is broad in nature – differentiation based, cost based, and focus based. The other recommendations you offer must support this broad strategy.

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