2 2 assignment critical thought exercise plg1

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The length of the paper will be 1-2 pages long, double-spaced, using an average of 600 words. Critical thought of the issue must be and derived from the course, with references, and written in a manner that demonstrates a mastery of the issue, with an effective analysis that incorporates both the proper subject matter vocabulary, that clearly explains the issue and a writing style that reflects the conduct of APA. No title page required.


You are the new safety director for an Aviation company. The CEO and CFO called you into the office and said, “Hi, welcome to the company and what was your name again? And by the way, we haven’t had an accident loss here for over 25 years. Our operation was and remains safe. So, why spend money on more safety stuff that doesn’t appear to be needed?” Briefly include some of the program and global elements and considerations for a safety program and risk management.

What would a justifiable statement sound like if explaining the need for a safety program? Your response should be professional, succinct, objective and in terms (economics?) a CEO and CFO might understand.

Your papers must demonstrate a comprehension of the issue based on facts, not opinion. Facts may be from the course or other stated references. Opinions must be corroborated by references.

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