12 human anatomy questions

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(04.01 LC)

Which of the following occurs when blood vessels dilate? (2 points)


(04.01 MC)

Which of the following blood vessels would have the slowest blood flow? (2 points)


(04.01 MC)

Alcoholic beverages A) dilate the blood vessels and B) increase the amount of water removed from the blood. How would factors A and B affect blood pressure? (2 points)


(04.02 MC)

Which of the following is a result of elevated levels of white blood cells and reduced levels of red blood cells in the body? (2 points)


(04.02 MC)

This figure shows an artery, which has a small puncture at its center. The blood is gushing out of the puncture, carrying with it the four major blood components, which are labeled A through D. Component A includes red, disk-shaped cells with a depression at their center. Component B includes white-colored cells with purple, bean-shaped nuclei. Component D includes small, yellow, star-shaped bodies. Component C is the yellowish, liquid component of the blood.

Image Courtesy of 3DScience.com

Anemia is a condition in which there is an abmormally low amount of hemoglobin. Which component would be reduced in a person who is anemic? (2 points)


(04.02 MC)

A teenage patient complains of frequently being tired and lethargic. The doctor notices the patient is pale and asks, “Do either of your parents have anemia?” Why is the doctor asking the patient this question? (2 points)


(04.02 MC)

Why should a parent with erythroblastic anemia seek a genetic counselor before having children? (2 points)


(04.02 MC)

The following is an excerpt from the case study “It’s All Greek to Me”:

Dr. Stephens calls Mr. and Mrs. Stamos [and tells them]…’I am sorry to give you bad news. Nikoleta does have anemia [and] Nikoleta’s disorder has a genetic basis.’ ‘But neither one of us has any of the problems Nikoleta has. We aren’t tired all the time. We work out every day,’ replies Mr. Stamos.”

What is the basis for Mr. Stamos’s response? (2 points)


(04.03 LC)

A person’s red blood cells completely lack antigens. This person has blood type (2 points)


(04.03 MC)

A patient with type A blood is accidentally given a transfusion of type AB blood. Which of the following correctly describes what will happen in the patient’s body? (2 points)


(04.03 MC)

What is the plug composed of during the clotting response? (2 points)


(04.02 HC)

The following is an excerpt from the case study “It’s All Greek to Me”: “I am sorry to give you bad news. Nikoleta does have anemia but, unfortunately, giving her a high iron formula was exactly the opposite of what should be done. Nikoleta’s disorder has a genetic basis.”

Iron is an important structural component of hemoglobin. Explain why this treatment failed and how the true cause of Nikoleta’s anemia was discovered. (5-8 sentences)

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